June 22, 2022

La Latteria: Bridgetown Accommodation • Airbnb Photography

On the importance of South West Airbnb Photography, featuring some beautiful Bridgetown Accommodation, La Latteria by Bec Sharra Interiors.

Bridgetown has long been one of my favourite places. A sweet little town in Australia’s south west, nestled along the Blackwood River with quirky cafes and shops, kind people, and spectacular views. This country town is humble and honest, with the very best produce and plenty to do. Mind you, I am a little biased…

I spent most of my school holidays at my Aunty & Uncle’s farm just outside of Bridgetown, where I spent many lazy days writing stories and feeding the chickens, swimming in the dam and cuddling my baby cousins (who have since all grown much taller than me). But there are so many others who feel the same way as I do about Bridgetown, like interior designer, Bec Sharra. In fact, Bec and her family love the town so much that they bought and renovated an old home just minutes away from town, turning it into what I would argue might be one of the most beautiful Bridgetown Accommodations around.


Bridgetown Accommodation

If you’re planning a trip down south with a group of friends or family, and you’re looking for Bridgetown Accommodation, you can’t go past la Latteria. Bec was inspired by her family’s connection to Italy – her and her husband met in Siena! – and decided to renovate the house in a similar style. It’s an eclectic take on Italian countryside charm, especially in the kitchen with its black and white chequered floor tiles and the spacious alfresco dining space.

It was an absolute pleasure to photograph – Bec’s ability to combine colours and textures is nothing short of art. Plus the warm rooms, comfortable nooks and open kitchen felt incredibly inviting. Even without having stayed there, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. And in fact, two years after opening, plenty of people do! La Latteria has a host of 5-star reviews on Airbnb and was even featured in the international design magazine, Apartment Therapy.

Bec’s Bridgetown Accommodation has four rooms and can sleep up to 10 people, and you can book to stay there on Airbnb.

South West Airbnb Photography

Are you wondering how to get your beautiful new Airbnb off the ground? Well, perhaps this goes without saying, but having good quality Interiors Photography will make all the difference. Without a collection of 5-star reviews to rely on, you’ll need beautiful Airbnb Photography to entice potential customers and start getting bookings. If potential clients can:

  • picture themselves lounging around in your Airbnb
  • imagine themselves relaxing there after a day of exploring
  • envision spending a long lazy morning in bed

they are so much more likely to book your space!

Of course, even more importantly, you need your Airbnb photos to immediately capture your client’s attention. The cover photo you use is what will stop them scrolling to click on your ad (or not…)

Do you need Airbnb Photography for your Airbnb? I’d love to help you plan Interiors Photography to boost your bookings! Just get in touch to find out more.

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