November 12, 2021

How to Build Community with Creative Content Photography

On the importance of Building Community with Creative Content Photography, and where my curiosity about the creative process began.

Childlike Curiosity: Where it Began

Some of my fondest memories as a child are sitting and watching my Mum paint – the way she’d blend colours and spend hours fretting over the tiniest of lines. It always held a certain magic, and for me, a big part of that magic was wondering how she’d turn the strange beginnings into beautiful artwork. You see, I always remember thinking that Mum’s paintings were strange when she began. I struggled to see how they’d ever be beautiful… except I knew they would. Years of watching her sketch and mix colours and puzzle over pastels that had only a shade of difference had taught me to believe in her – and it wasn’t just my Mum.

My Dad was always holed up in his music room, practicing scales & riffs and experimenting with an endless array of pedals & amps, an impossible quest to find the perfect sound. My Mum’s cousin, who lived with us for a few months, would spend her time creating beautiful floral centrepieces – and if I was lucky, I even got to go the wedding venue with her to place those precious blooms. My neighbour’s house was forever filled with the scent of clay, as she created intricate vases that told ancient stories of her home in Indonesia.

I was fortunate to grow up surrounded by art, by the chance to see how someone could take a blank canvas, a simple instrument, a haphazard collection of flowers, a lump of clay, and turn them into something so beautiful. And so, my curiosity grew, an inherent desire to understand what made creatives tick, where their inspiration came from, how they saw the world. I longed to document & understand their process well before I called myself a photographer.

How to Build Community with Creative Content Photography

A few years after I finally began to call myself a photographer, I realised that photographing the creative process could be worth so much more. Creative Content Photography is a way to help creatives share their work and their process with their community, in a way that is honest, raw and true.

If you’re a creative, that means a chance to let your audience in on the behind-the-scenes, creating rapport and building your connection with them.

Growing a solid community is about so much more than just sharing the final product – it’s about inviting your audience into your story. If your audience sees the work, care and intention that you bring to your craft, they’re much more likely to give your work value. They might even become advocates for your brand, because they won’t be able to help but tell family & friends about you!

Don’t believe me?

The Power of Story & Community

Think back to the last time another woman complimented you, whether it was a scarf you were wearing, a piece of clothing or a beautiful object you have at home. What was your response?

I’ll bet you told her where you got it! You might even have mentioned the price (especially if it was cheap). Probably, that was it. Unless the object was made by a small business or artisan that you love… Then I’m betting you couldn’t help but share that you got it from this beautiful boutique where the owner only stocks items that give back. Or you began to tell them about the creative who made it, who shares beautiful stories and whose work you adore. If you and your friends are anything like me & mine, you sent them their Instagram profile so they could check them out later.  

Now, of course this isn’t the power of creative content photography alone. It’s the product of your passion, your hard work, your thoughtful service, and so much more. But having beautiful content photography could be the difference between your customer’s friend falling in love with your products or not…

The Rule of Seven

They say that you need to hear or see something 7 times before it really sinks in. It’s one of marketing’s old-school rules. Perhaps you didn’t know 7 was the supposed magic number, but I’m sure you know that the more positive contact you have with someone, the more likely it is that they’ll become a part of your community.

Of course, that recommendation from your existing client is worth more than any social media post could ever be, but most of us have short memories and even shorter attention spans. Sharing blog posts, Instagram posts or stories, or perhaps even sending newsletters, is how you keep that attention (or perhaps how you spark someone’s interest in the first place). It’s how you bring new people into your community. Because, while word-of-mouth will get your name out there, and your carefully crafted copy will create value and invite them into your story, it’s the imagery that will decide if they pause to give you their attention or keep on scrolling. It’s the imagery that will pop up in their feed 7 times in a row and see them remember you.

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