January 12, 2023

Travelling Milos Solo in July

Travelling Milos Solo in July features a few stories from 3 days spent exploring Milos in July 2022. I’ll cover Where to Eat in Milos and Where to Stay in Milos, Greece: On a Budget.

In between my few days in Athens, days that inspired me to no end from the way stores spilled out onto the street to conversations with taxi drivers, I found myself on the small island of Milos in the Cyclades. They were days of sheer beauty – the kinds I feel like one might think they can only dream of. The sunbleached island hues and calm Aegean sea seemed to vanish any tiredness I felt, and the warmth of the Greek woman who owned my hotel made it feel like home. These are the few stories I wrote about Travelling Milos Solo in July (plus the one piece of advice I’d give you if you plan to travel in Greece).

Travelling Milos Solo in July

  • Travelling Milos Solo in July
    • A Sunrise Wakeup Call in Milos
    • One Piece of Advice for Travelling in Greece
  • Where to Eat & Drink in Milos
  • Where to Stay in Milos, Greece: On a Budget
  • Milos Experiences for Solo Travellers


A Sunrise Wakeup Call in Milos

25 June 2022

The alarm buzzes and I jolt upwards with a fright. Did I miss it? Am I late?

There is no one to blame but myself for these early starts – I’m the one who always suggests sunrise sessions, and yet every time it’s the same. I wonder, groggily, what would happen if I just didn’t show up. Bed is warm. It’s cosy. Usually, it’s not even light outside. Maybe, I think, the couple feels the same.

But then I think of the beautiful photos that we could only take if we meet in the next half hour. Of the crowds that will accumulate and the harsh shadows that will fall as the sun works its way above us.

Mostly, I think, there are two people who agreed to get up before the crack of dawn because they trusted me and my crazy vision. Because they love my photos enough to have brought me all the way here.

I count to 5. I force myself up out of bed, splashing cold water on my face, and get ready to go (even though the grogginess will stay with me as I sling my beat-up backpack over my shoulder and make my way outside).

Countless memories come to mind – sitting exhausted against Vittorio Emanuele II’s monument in Milan’s Piazza del Duomo. Searching for parking in Noto as the sky began to brighten. Dragging myself down the countless steps to Positano beach, eyes still hazy with sleep…

This morning, it’s the cool marble staircase down to the street, where Chloé & Nathan will pick me up in their little hire car and we’ll drive to the moon, or rather, Sarakiniko, Milos’ most famous beach.

No matter where it is though, something changes when I meet the couple, when we arrive on location. A hit of adrenalin. The possibility of a vision come to life.

Suddenly, I feel wide awake as I try to create the right mood, the right moment, the right shot, the right photograph. The one that later on, as I sit exhausted in front of my computer, will make me giddy with joy. The one that next time a couple inquires, will see me suggest ever so optimistically, “let me tell you about the wonders of a sunrise session!”

One Piece of Advice for Travelling Greece…

25 June 2022

If I could give you one piece of advice about Greece…

Never trust the waiters when they say it’s a portion for 1.


O Hamos: Adamas

It seems impossible that you could go to Milos and not have heard about O Hamos, but just in case, go eat there!! Don’t even think, just do it. This old tavern is famous amongst locals and travellers alike, and for good reason. The traditional plates of food are delicious, and of course, generous. In fact, I liked it so much I went twice! First with Chloé & Nathan, for a lazy lunch after we wrapped up their honeymoon portrait session. Second for dinner with two travellers I met on a full-day boat tour around the island. We waited an hour for our table, and we all agreed it was well worth it.

Aggeliki: Adamas

If it’s ice cream you want, head over to Aggeliki. It’s right near the port, so it’s also a good spot to wait for the ferry or to sit and people-watch as the world goes by. I’ll admit, the idea of ordering ice cream from a waiter who would bring me a cone was a bit strange, but it was nice to have the excuse to sit and watch the world go by. Plus, the ice cream was delicious!

Astakas: Klima

Klima is one of Milos’ more famous fishing villages, with its unmissable colourful doorways along the bay. People don’t just visit for the village though, they also make their way to this sheltered spot for Astakas Café. While we were only able to stop there for breakfast, it’s famous for its seafood and I definitely plan to head back one day to try more of their offerings. 


Where to Stay in Milos: Hotel Eleni

As a solo traveller, I wasn’t looking for any particularly fancy accommodation in Milos. I wanted somewhere budget-friendly and close enough to the Adamas port. What I got was so far above what I expected! Hotel Eleni is run by the sweetest Greek woman and her son. I arrived first thing in the morning, and she’d made sure my room was first to be cleaned, so that I could check in as soon as I arrived. She also had a list of restaurants I should visit, marking the best with exclamation points as she talked me through them, and when I checked out, she sent me on my way with a selection of Greek crackers and biscuits. The room itself was perfect, with a small fridge and a sweet little balcony. And as a sucker for the sea blue and crisp whites Greece is famous for, I couldn’t get enough of the simple décor, either. If you’re looking for Where to Stay in Milos on a Budget, I couldn’t recommend Hotel Eleni enough.


Sailing Milos: Sail around Milos Island

I only had one free day in Milos, and I knew I wanted to experience the island in a different way. I’d had a crazy week – I photographed a wedding in Perth on Saturday, an elopement in Italy on Tuesday, flew to Athens where I had 24 hours before a flight to Milos, and of course, Chloé & Nathan’s honeymoon portraits, so by Sunday, I knew I needed something to get me out of bed. Thanks to a recommendation from my lovely host at Hotel Eleni, I found myself on a full-day cruise around the island with Sailing Milos. For €100, I got to spend an entire day cruising around Milos, jumping off the boat, swimming in the bluest water surrounded by schools of fish, making friends with the others on the tour, and eating and drinking far more than I would have expected. I’d been a little unsure whether to splurge on this or not, but I’m so glad I did. It was a really amazing experience and the perfect way for this tired, sea-loving traveller to experience Milos.

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Travelling Milos Solo features true stories from my adventures in Greece in June/July 2022. If you have tips or questions you’d love to share, or if you just enjoyed reading this post, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!